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Have You Taken ALL Of The Top 10 Quizzes of 2018?

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Dear friend of QuizCow, thanks for a great 2018. Every time you take and share a quiz on QuizCow, 10% of any revenues are donated to charity, and you help cover my costs of hosting and development. Thanks for your support, and for making a difference with me. I don’t take it for granted. Happy quizzing!

Quizcow top 10 quizzes of 2018

We’ve looked over the data to find which quizzes you liked the most, and hands down, these are our top 10 most-taken quizzes of 2018.

Here Are Our Most Popular Quizzes of 2018. Have You Taken ALL of Them?


10. This Color Test Will Reveal Why People Fall in Love With You

color test why people fall in love with you

9. Only People With Emotional Intelligence Can Pass This Test

emotional intelligence test

8. Only 1 In 10 English Teachers Can Score 13/16 On This INSANE Spelling Test!

misspelled words test

7. This Scientific Color Test Will Reveal Your True Personality Traits

colors personality test

6. Most Adults Cannot Answer This Basic Kids Fact Sheet

kids fact sheet

5. No One Can Score A Perfect 10 On This IQ Test

iq test

4. What Hair Should Match Your Personality?

hairstyle personality quiz

3. How Sensitive Is Your OCD Radar?

ocd test

2. Can You Pass This 1950’s Etiquette Test?

1950's etiquette test

1. Can You Name All The Disney Female Characters?

female disney character trivia quiz


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